PsPM 3.0 is released. It offers an entirely novel GUI, building on the Matlab Batch Editor well known to SPM users. We worked > 1 year on streamlining the code, testing basic functions, fixing bugs, and enhancing usability. A tutorial now offers a smooth introduction into usage of the software – it is contained in the manual. Tell us whether you like it!

check it out on:


The next version of SCRalyze will be named PsPM – Psycho-Physiological Modelling – and available on This reflects a possibility to model many different kinds of psychophysiological signals, not just SCR. Stay tuned!


A direct comparison of SCRalyze and Ledalab reveals consistently higher sensitivity for the GLM approach in SCRalyze than for all Ledalab methods. SCRalyze is also far more sensitive than a standard peak scoring approach (Bach DR, Biological Psychology, in press).


New release: b2.1.8, containing many small bugfixes, updated LabChart import, and the possibility to import event markers from .mat files

We are working now towards a stable version which will probably be released in mid to end 2014. In the meantime, urgent bugfixes will continue to be released in beta versions.

A wiki was started on sourceforge, including documentation, help, installation guide and FAQ.